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Medellin gets ready to have vehicular restriction 24 hours for air quality

The restriction will apply from Wednesday and 8 other municipalities in the metropolitan area. The mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero, declared the environmental emergency because of the deterioration of air quality in the capital of Antioqueña. Their announcement was accompanied by a package of measures to mitigate this situation. Meanwhile,...

Woman with coronavirus in Medellin kept in touch with 80 people

Isolated in her house is the 50-year-old woman who yesterday was identified as positive for covid-19 in Medellin. He arrived in the city on March 2nd on a flight from Madrid, Spain. In information provided by mayor Daniel Quintero about her health condition, the mayor stated that  "it is quiet,...

Medellin’s air doesn’t get better! 16 stations are in orange alert

After several days of being on alert, the air in Medellin does not seem to improve in 10 municipalities of the Aburrá Valley . On Friday morning, 16 of the stations that measure air quality recorded in orange  (which is considered harmful to vulnerable population groups) and only two are...

This Friday: employment fair in Medellin for women only

The Regional Antioquia of SENA reported that it will offer this Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., about 800 female-only job openings. The fair, which is part of the national day that will be held in 51 cities of the country, will take place in the main headquarters of...

Actor Michael Douglas visiting Medellin

Michael Douglas, the actor of Fatal Attraction, Traffic,  Behind  the  Candelabra and recently in a superhero when he played Dr. Hank  Pym  in  Antman and in  Avengers:  Endgame, shared on his official Instagram account, this Sunday and Monday, a video and a photo of his stay in Medellin. The actor,...

The appearance of the ‘Biblioteca España’ will change: it would open in 2022

The mayor of Medellin approved a program to recover and re-launch the ‘Biblioteca España Park’, located in district 1, northeast of the city. Natalia Urrego Arenas, Secretary of Infrastructure, announced that the project will be included as a strategic in the Development Plan, which will allow to secure the necessary...

Harmful air quality levels in six medellin stations

6 of the 18 monitoring stations for air quality, spread over the ten municipalities belonging to the metropolitan area of the Aburrá Valley dawned in orange on Friday. The air quality there poses a severe risk to vulnerable populations. The six stations found in orange are: I.E. Pedro Justo Berrío,...

Four people were murdered in 13th district of Medellin

In the neighborhood of the El Socorro court in 13, San Javier, of Medellin, four people was murdered with a firearm.  the criminals are three people on a motorcycle and entered the store with firearms,  where after threatening the people there, they fired multiple times at the four victims. The...

‘Avianca Express’ launches in return to Medellin’s Downtown Olaya Herrera Airport

Colombia-based aviation giant Avianca announced February 13 the launch of its new “Avianca Express” division for new routes including flights from Medellin’s downtown Olaya Herrera airport (EOH). Absent from EOH for 20 years, “Avianca Express” soon will launch flights utilizing ATR-72 propeller aircraft to and from downtown Medellin -- initially...
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