miércoles, febrero 7, 2024

Harmful air quality levels in six medellin stations

6 of the 18 monitoring stations for air quality, spread over the ten municipalities belonging to the metropolitan area of the Aburrá Valley dawned in orange on Friday.

The air quality there poses a severe risk to vulnerable populations.

The six stations found in orange are: I.E. Pedro Justo Berrío, in Bethlehem; Universidad Nacional, El Volador; I.E. Ciro Mendia, in Aranjuez; I.E. Fernando Vélez, in the municipality of Bello; I.E. Joaquín Aristizábal and the meter of the House of Justice of the municipality of Itagüí.

With this scenario pregnant women, children, older adults, people with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, are exposed to pollution levels dangerous to their health. According to the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley, in these cases this population should avoid outdoor activities.

El Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley has designed the Comprehensive Air Quality Management Plan (PIGECA) to prevent possible eventualities in the air impact of the capital. It is in permanent action and contains a protocol to execute in emergency conditions called Operational Plan to face Episodes of Air Pollution in the Metropolitan Area of Vallé de Aburrá (POECA).