viernes, julio 30, 2021



Southern Aburrá Valley will be supervised with drones

Envigado, Itagüí and Sabaneta will incorporate new technology to monitoring their territories by land and air. With drones they will seek to fulfill two purposes: to care for citizens and to support actions to capture those involved in illicit activities. Although the idea is not new, as it already applies...

Valores Simesa reports US$ 6.1 million profit for full-year 2019, proposes stock buyback

Medellin based real-estate developer Valores Simesa on February 7 reported an after-tax profit of COP$21.1 billion (US$6.1 million) for full-year 2019 and simultaneously revealed in a filing with Colombia’s Superfinanciera agency a proposed COP$20 billion (US$5.8 million) stock buyback. Simesa is the developer of the giant “Ciudad del Rio” residential,...

Attention! Pico y Placa restriction for this week in Medellin

Remember that the measure begins to govern this Monday, February 10, and will run until April 4. The Metropolitan Area decreed the state of deterioration in air quality in Medellin and the other nine municipalities that are part of the Aburrá Valley. By this decision there are modifications in the...

International ‘Business Matchmaking Forum’ launches here march 16-18

International ‘Business Matchmaking Forum’ launches here march 16-18 Foreign investment promotion agency procolombia announced february 6 the upcoming launch of its annual “business matchmaking forum” at medellin’s plaza mayor convention center -- expected to attract more than 3,000 entrepreneurs along with hundreds of international corporate buyers. The event (see:,...

Antioquia making huge leaps in tech education with Sena initiatives

Colombia’s giant national technical/technological training institute SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) announced February 4 a COP$20 billion (US$6 million) investment in a new training-center campus in La Ceja, Antioquia -- serving multiple municipalities in Medellin’s “oriente” region. According to the joint announcement by La Ceja Mayor Nelson Carmona Lopera and...

ELN attacks with explosives an energy tower in Medellin

Authorities confirmed the downing of an energy tower in La Cruz, the Honda sector, in the east of the citiy by members of the ELN. According to the Medellin Metropolitan Police, the event was recorded at 6:15 a.m. this Friday, February 7. Flags of the ELN guerrilla group were found...

Medellin debuts new traffic light street crossings

More road safety to prevent road deaths. With this premise as a basis, the Medellin Mobility Secretariat inaugurated on Thursday morning two of the new light street crossings. Designed to improve pedestrian safety conditions. "We are happy to welcome you to new street crossings in the city. Installed in a...

Political scandal led to resignation of the University of Medellin principal

After almost 20 years in office, it was known on Monday that Néstor Hincapié Vargas resigned as principal of the University of Medellin. The resignation letter was given to the University's Council, which is the highest governing body of this institution. Hincapié will be in office until February 16. The...

14 things to do in Medellin

Once considered one of the deadliest cities in the world, Medellín has undergone a transformation over the last fifteen years that has made it one of the most modern places in all of Colombia. The city has become a lot safer, there is a fantastic metro and cable car system that could...

Development Plan 2020-2023 begins in districts

Territorial workshops began this Sunday in San Sebastián de Palmitas and San Cristobal districts. There will be 21 meetings of citizen participation. The Mayor of Medellin said that the purpose is to consolidate this Development Plan as"the most participatory in the history of the city". They will be held in...
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