martes, abril 16, 2024

Woman with coronavirus in Medellin kept in touch with 80 people

Isolated in her house is the 50-year-old woman who yesterday was identified as positive for covid-19 in Medellin. He arrived in the city on March 2nd on a flight from Madrid, Spain.

In information provided by mayor Daniel Quintero about her health condition, the mayor stated that  “it is quiet, we are waiting for the results of its relatives. None of them are serious, none of them have needed intensive care or hospitalization.  They’re at home and quiet.”

 For the people who had contact with her before the medical check, he emphasized the local representative, who all were already asked to isolate themselves while having the tests to determine whether or not they are carriers of the virus. The authorities are talking about 80 people in this condition.

The Clinic Victoriana was announced as the special care center for patients with the virus.