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The debt of the Government of Antioquia reaches $ 1.59 billion

A significant reduction in borrowing capacity and an increase in the value of debt on account of the devaluation of the peso are the two problems facing the Secretary of Finance of Antioquia. Luz Elena Gaviria, head of the Secretariat, explained that at December 31, 2019 the department owed US$...

Where to go in Antioquia

There are trips in the region beyond the traditional ones to Guatapé, Jericó, Jardín or Santa Fe de Antioquia. Just look a little more. Without driving more than an hour, there are attractive destinations both for its architectures and geography, through gastronomy and extreme sports. Through all the terrestrial exits...

Tourism increases in Southwest Antioquia

During the first Holiday weekend of the year, there has been a high increase in the number of tourists who have reached the Southwest of Antioquia, thanks to the government action unblocking the road 4 months ahead of schedule. The festivities celebrated in towns such as Jardín, Bolombolo, and Concordia...

Attention to alerts for possible floods in Antioquia rivers

The Regional Center for Forecasts and Alerts (CRPA un Spanish) issued a bulletin of hydrological alerts that must be taken into account by tourists and inhabitants of the riversides in Antioquia, especially in Urabá and West Antioquia. According to the report, there is an orange alert in the watersheds of...

Vice principal of San Juan de Dios hospital in Ituango murdered

Carlos Cardona, the vice principal of San Juan de Dios hospital in Ituango, died Thursday night after being attacked with a gun. The event occurred in the north urban area of ​​ Ituango. According to Lieutenant Eduardo Florian of the Ituango Police Station, the authorities are carrying out the relevant...

Changes in Antioquia Police

Through a resolution, General Oscar Atehortúa changed the position of 17 police colonels in the country and changed the commanders of the Antioquia Police Department. The current commander, Colonel Giovanny Buitrago, was sent to England to an international commission and instead Colonel Jorge Miguel Cabra Diaz, who was in charge...

Medellin and Antioquia start 2020 with new mayor and governor

The elected mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero began his term with a spiritual meeting and a tour in Santo Domingo. Around 6:00 p.m. He will take over as the new ruler of the city. On his Twitter account he shared the first images of the day, where he also had...

La Contraloría General anuncia resultados  de las  investigaciones en Hidroituango

Esta mañana la contraloría General de La Nación se pronunció sobre los resultados de las investigaciones establecidas anteriormente debido a las irregularidades en el proyecto de la hidroeléctrica en Ituango. El ente de control anunció quienes son los responsables de la planeación y el programa de aceleración del proyecto. Sergio...
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