lunes, julio 15, 2019

8 Dead, 10 Injured in Car Bomb Explosion in Colombian Police School

A car bomb has been detonated at a police academy in Bogota, leaving several people dead and injured, Colombian police reported on Thursday. Colombian Defence Ministry stated on Thursday that eight people died as a result of the car bomb explosion at the General Santander police academy in Colombia's capital. This comes after Bogota's mayor Enrique...

The Lights Went Out at a Caracas Hospital, Then Patients Started Dying

Last weekend revolved around Juan Guaidó’s announcements in the cabildo abierto and the apparent revival of the opposition that followed. There’s a sense of urgency among both the Venezuelan people and the international community for a transition in Venezuela. A feeling reconfirmed last Saturday after a five-hour blackout killed at leasttwo patients at...

Colombia’s Cano Limon Oil Pipeline Hit by Bomb Attacks: Ecopetrol

Colombian state-run oil company Ecopetrol said on Wednesday there were two bomb attacks overnight on the Cano Limon pipeline in western Antioquia province, four days after a similar attack halted pumping. The latest bomb attacks occurred in the rural areas of La Pesquera and Las Bancas. Last year, there were...

More Murder of Social Leaders in Colombia

Another Colombian rights activist was gunned down in her home for helping Afro-Colombian victims in the country’s long civil conflict. Mother of four Maritza Quiroz Leiva was gunned down by armed hitmen in her rural home in San Isidro in Colombia’s Caribbean region. Quiroz was an Afro-Colombian representative on the Santa...

Colombia: One human rights advocate killed every three days

In the southwest of Colombia, one community leader or human rights advocate is killed every three days. They're being targeted by armed groups fighting for control of land they use to cultivate drugs and mine gold illegally. The rate of killings has increased since the government signed a peace deal with FARC...

Guacho: Colombian guerrilla leader killed by security forces

A Colombian guerrilla leader has been found and killed, the country's president says. Walter Arízala, known better under his alias Guacho, was wanted for the murder of two Ecuadorean journalists and their driver earlier this year. On Friday, Colombian President Ivan Duque said he was killed in an operation near...

Colombia abstains from voting on UN declaration to advance farmers’ rights

Colombia’s ambassador to the United Nations was criticized this week after abstained from voting on a UN declaration that sought to advance the rights of small farmers who make up approximately one fifth of his country’s population. The resolution supports transitions to sustainable farming practices, as well as rights to...

A Life of Health and Wellness in Medellín, Colombia

“I had to reinvent myself,” Jennifer Enright, 60, explains. “After working for years as an executive headhunter for high-tech companies in Seattle, I had had enough. Too much rain and cold, and I injured myself from too much repetitive motion.” After selling their home, their cars, and all their possessions,...
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