miércoles, febrero 8, 2023

8 Dead, 10 Injured in Car Bomb Explosion in Colombian Police School

A car bomb has been detonated at a police academy in Bogota, leaving several people dead and injured, Colombian police reported on Thursday.

Colombian Defence Ministry stated on Thursday that eight people died as a result of the car bomb explosion at the General Santander police academy in Colombia’s capital.

This comes after Bogota’s mayor Enrique Penalosa said earlier that five people died and ten other people were injured.

Reacting to the incident, Colombian President Iván Dugue Márquez described the incident as an “act of terrorism”, adding that he will return Bogota as soon as possible.

Earlier, witnesses cited by the AP news agency said they heard a loud explosion which shattered windows in buildings in close proximity to the General Santander police academy.

Currently, ambulances and helicopters are rushing to the scene.