lunes, marzo 30, 2020



The coronavirus is putting the squeeze on Mexican criminal groups’ finances

Contacts in China provide Mexican criminal groups with everything from counterfeit luxury goods to chemical precursors for making fentanyl. But with the spread of the coronavirus, shipments from China have dried up and the cartels are feeling the pinch. In February, it emerged that La Unión de Tepito, which controls...

Opinion: The world after coronavirus outbreak

We're not going back to "normal" after the coronavirus. Here is exactly how things need to change for good, and for the better. Today, there are no clues as to the danger lurking outside my front door except for the eerie absence of people. Our lives are being restricted by...

Woman with coronavirus in Medellin kept in touch with 80 people

Isolated in her house is the 50-year-old woman who yesterday was identified as positive for covid-19 in Medellin. He arrived in the city on March 2nd on a flight from Madrid, Spain. In information provided by mayor Daniel Quintero about her health condition, the mayor stated that  "it is quiet,...

Q&A about coronavirus in Colombia

A new flu-type virus could be the next pandemic. Here’s a Q&A to keep you up to date. Should we be worried about the coronavirus? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), yes. The UN body has just declared the ‘2019n-CoV’ bug a global health emergency. The virus, which jumped...

Colombia has test to coronavirus diagnosis

The Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health revealed that Colombia already has diagnostic tests to determine if any citizen have the new coronavirus. According to Iván Darío González, Minister of Health, Colombia is the first country in Latin America to consolidate these tests, which is a positive...

Antioquia Government: there is no cases of coronavirus in Antioquia

Although there are three Chinese citizens in Urabá who are quarantined, the department's Secretary of Health confirmed that no coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the department so far. In a press release, the entity said that "there has been close monitoring with China Harbour Engineering Company (Chech), mayors and...