miércoles, julio 24, 2024

Medellin debuts new traffic light street crossings

More road safety to prevent road deaths. With this premise as a basis, the Medellin Mobility Secretariat inaugurated on Thursday morning two of the new light street crossings. Designed to improve pedestrian safety conditions.

“We are happy to welcome you to new street crossings in the city. Installed in a few points, from many that we will continue to take into account, because of the high levels of incidents. We prioritized pedestrians because it was a high level of accidents,” said Carlos Cadena Gaitán, Secretary of Mobility of Medellin from the Neighborhood La Milagrosa.

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The two crossings that have already been activated are located in the east of the city in La Milagrosa (district 9th of Medellin), exactly at the junctions of Carrera 29 with Calle 45 and in Carrera 30 with Calle 41.

Each required an investment close to $95 million colombian pesos

In addition, as reported by the Mayor’s Office, works are advanced at three other intersections located in Carrera 50 with Calle 35 (Perpetuo Socorro), Carrera 43 with Calle 31 (San Diego) and Carrera  83 with Calle 32 (Belén by los Molinos shopping center).

Carlos Cadena Gaitán, said that the axis of the administration will be the policy of Vision Zero, which will allow not only its office, but Infrastructure and other units to generate developments to ensure the protection of life on the streets.

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