miércoles, junio 5, 2024



Mapping the COVID-19 recession

With each passing day, the 2008 global financial crisis increasingly looks like a mere dry run for today’s economic catastrophe. The short-term collapse in global output now underway already seems likely to rival or exceed that of any recession in the last 150 years. Even with all-out efforts by central...

Analysis: Growth Without Virtue

The coronavirus has revealed an economy that has prioritized "growth without virtue." We have forgotten the lessons of Smith, Tocqueville, and Franklin, who believed the capitalism only functions in a context of moral restraint. The coronavirus has stopped our society in its tracks. Businesses are closed, daily routines are on...

Cementos ARGOS debuts US$78 million, low-emissions ‘Green Cement’ plant in Antioquia

Medellin-based multinational cement/concrete giant Cementos Argos on February 14 announced the debut of a US$78 million “green cement” processing facility at its 2.3 million tonnes/year Rionegro, Antioquia cement plant. The new technology cuts carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up-to-38% while cutting energy consumption by 30%, according to Argos. “For the...