lunes, junio 24, 2024

Designs of minibars that adapt to all spaces

Having a bar or minibars at home, is a touch of modernity and luxury with Eclipse Design furniture.

In Eclipse Design they bring us ideas of bars and minibars at home that will inspire you to put one at yours. Minibars designs made by professionals registered in Eclipse Design: minibars for small spaces, modern minibars, rustic style: minibars integrated into the kitchen or living room; outdoor minibars and so on.

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1. The perfect place for the minibar: When spaces are reduced, creativity and good planning to distribute the furniture are indispensable. In the room, the rear wall can be used in a great way to place a bar table that serves as a discreet mini bar.

2. A covered, gourmet terrace with a minibar: In this project, the stairs of the house lead to a covered and gourmet terrace, which does not miss the opportunity to have a modern two-tone designs minibar; black and white

3. A modern design that invites you to live with a glass in your hand: This modern design looks great with decorative pieces with a retro but moderate touch. In addition, it is possible to see the purity of sober lines and colors, which become cozy and warm with the presence of U-shaped furniture in the background, in charge of safeguarding bottles, glasses and others

4. A fun minibar can not miss: This cheerful and colorful mini bar also has a retro style that harmonizes spectacularly with the metal and brick finishes of its surroundings. Imitated!

5. When space is not an obstacle: In this proposal, you can see a minibar that is capable of making its design and owners feel away from home, thanks to the sensational bar it has. Each element has been carefully and planned with taste and style, providing a spectacular setting for the house.