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A penthouse designed with luxury furniture

In Eclipse Design there are not limit to manufacturing and selling luxury furniture, but they offers a story in each piece so that they know, propose and make decisions about their penthouse, and also give themselves the task of projecting.

Eclipse Design professionals work on interior design proposals for various spaces, providing tips to decorate the first apartment, steps to furnish the room or, as in this case, share some tips to luxuriously furnish a penthouse, specifically the living room and bedroom.

The interior design offers the most interesting mix betweendesign and architecture, since it refers to the adequacy of the spaces that we will have to inhabit, in which we will live, work or transit, and its purpose is to create functional, practical sites which provide confidence, security and tranquility. But a complete and comprehensive interior design work is complemented by the interior design, which includes the proposal of furniture, colors, textures, combinations, textiles, and it is about building the ideal atmosphere for each room.

Between interior design and decoration, spaces are created in which one lives fully. These are many tips for furnishing a penthouse, work done by Eclipse Design professionals.

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Before starting to propose you have to know the space

A penthouse is located on very high floors, which means that the views must be incredible. In this case, windows and views are the main elements when it comes to a room that offers openness to the surrounding landscape.

But how to achieve it?

The windows that offer a pleasant view are identified and the way to leave them naked is sought, or with some light textile that invites to keep the landscape visible. The rest can be covered with curtains, blinds or integrate your design to the decoration of the place.

For a contemporary style, a night touch with flashes of light and brightness that give elegance to the views of the city, modern furniture and accessories must be available, in contrasting colors, such as white accessories and furniture in some intense tones, such as blue or Gray.