martes, junio 4, 2024

Your dream bedroom with Eclipse Design

Your dream

Your dream: Each bedroom is unique because each person is unique. This is Eclipse Design bed furniture and accessories, they adapt to your needs, with a wide and versatile portfolio.

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Its designs – your dream, -are tremendously versatile and do not serve a classicism out of time or an eccentric modernity, part of the secret is the fusion between a classic and contemporary style in which the nobility of the used materials, the brass and polished chrome castings that create pure avant-garde.

If something characterizes the luxury beds of Eclipse is the freshness of its elements and the sophistication of the final concepts that are executed, since the authentic luxury always happens to compensate the visualization lines without being dragged by the recharged, a balance that provide luxury furniture in each proposal.

In order to respect the character of each client and customize the experience offered by Eclipse Designs, part of the proposals that are varied and configurable for the taste or decoration of each particular case but keep certain lines of quality and design that never decline.

So don’t wait any longer and turn your bedroom into a dream place.

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Eclipse Design is located at Cra. 55B # 72A 74 in Medellín, Colombia. “Know our factory point…an unique space with more than 2000 square meters where you can live a multi sensorial experience and get to know by first hand why we are the best.”

Do not wait any longer, let Eclipse Designs fill every space of your home, with the pleasure and comfort that they can only provide you with their pieces.