viernes, abril 12, 2024

Heart of your home with Eclipse Design

The heart of your home

As Eclipse Design describes, the living room is the heart of every home. The space to receive visitors and transmit your personality to your home.

Eclipse Design is more than furniture, they also advise you on the process of building your unique space with its furniture to have the latest fashion rooms.

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The heart of every home

Eclipse Design’s passion for details comes true with its comprehensive service.

In Eclipse Design they adapt to your space, budget and needs.

The elegance of its architectural proposals, usually marked by an English-style inspiration and expressed with fine lacquered finishes; The luxury furniture combines perfectly with any technical configuration of the space and transforms it into an environment of authentic luxury.

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Its wide offer, experience and facilities allow them to offer you the best options for your rooms, always on par with the latest trends.

Eclipse Design is located at Cra. 55B # 72A 74 in Medellín, Colombia. “Know our factory point…an unique space with more than 2000 square meters where you can live a multi sensorial experience and get to know by first hand why we are the best.”

Do not wait any longer, let Eclipse Designs fill every space of your home, with the pleasure and comfort that they can only provide you with their pieces.