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Types of tables: designs and materials

Types of tables: designs and materials
Types of tables: designs and materials

Each piece of furniture in the house has an origin and a history that we often don’t know. Pieces of furniture that are so common and everyday have evolved over the years, which is worth counting, as is the case with the tables.

The table is one of the essential furniture within the home and is composed of a board or surface, which is supported by a group of legs of different materials and that serves to eat, work or assist us in many activities.

The first table have their origin in the Ancient Empire of Egypt more than 3000 years ago, being the pharaohs who invented a piece similar to the table that we know today, with the purpose of being able to eat on a fixed and elevated floor surface , thus becoming one of the most popular furniture. These first tables could not serve more than one person.

Thanks to the Greek and Roman empires we have two of the most used types of tables in our homes: dining tables and bedside tables.

In the Baroque period other types of table emerged where its design was enriched with details and themes similar to a sculpture, while in the renaissance the tables were designed with precious metals.

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The table is furniture that by tradition has brought people together and depending on its design can denote the hierarchy of those who feel in it, as happens with rectangular tables and their headboard or give an image of equality as happens with round tables , as with the legend of King Arthur in Camelot.

The table has constantly evolved, so there are iconic pieces of modern design, which are still present today.