TINO-REX World Cup 2018: Tino Asprilla shows Alan Shearer what he’s in for if England lose to Colombia with hilarious dinosaur video

FAUSTINO ASPRILLA has poked more fun at former Newcastle team-mate Alan Shearer ahead of Colombia’s last-16 clash with England.

Since then the pair have been making fun of each other on social media, much to the delight of fans.

Asprilla, 48, has now sent a brilliant video to Shearer from his farm in Colombia.

Someone – Asprilla, we hope – is dressed in an inflatable dinosaur costume.

The mystery person runs and does a front flip off a pier into a river – straight into a small dinghy.

Asprilla then set out the terms and wrote, “If Colombia win, you come to Colombia and cook a barbecue with me, if England win, I will do the same in Newcastle.”

Asked by SunSport who would end up doing the cooking, Asprilla smiled: “Definitely Alan!

“I will provide the entertainment and the guests.

“Colombia have played well in the group stages and I think if they beat England on Tuesday then they could go all the way to the final.

“This is the most open World Cup for years.

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