miércoles, junio 5, 2024

This is what INPEC found in the cell of Juan Monsalve, witness in case against Uribe

After an early operation on Saturday night, guards of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec in Spanish) established that Juan Guillermo Monsalve, witness in the process against Senator Álvaro Uribe, excesses inside the prison Where he is being held

The official report states that in the house where Monsalve is next to three more people there were six cell phones, two computers, a printer, three televisions, a video game console, a wireless keyboard, a Wi-Fi modem, two bottles of Whiskey , two sim cards, a USB radio, two Ipad, an ID card, a bottle of wine, 10 of beer and 262,000 colombian  pesos.

The operation will be controlled in order to control the excesses that are recorded in prisons. In the operations they found 374 cell phones, 1043 cell phone accessories, 553 white weapons, 4847 bottles of liquor made by hand or jail and 16,241 grams of drugs and 1,486,000 colombian pesos.

The authorities move forward with investigations to determine how all the elements arrived at the Monsalve cell where they also share the patio with José Elías Melos, former president of Corficolombiana and the lawyer Leonardo Luis Monsalve.