viernes, agosto 14, 2020



14 things to do in Medellin

Once considered one of the deadliest cities in the world, Medellín has undergone a transformation over the last fifteen years that has made it one of the most modern places in all of Colombia. The city has become a lot safer, there is a fantastic metro and cable car system that could...

Colombia, chosen as one of the 10 tourist destinations of the future

A new hit was scored Colombia as been included in the list of the 10 tourist sites of the future 2019-2020, published in the magazine fDi Intelligence, of the Financial Times newspaper, specialized in foreign investment issues. This was unveiled by the ViceMinister of Tourism, Julián Guerrero Orozco, noting that...

Venecia, pilot municipality to boost Antioquia tourism

The first lady of Antioquia, Claudia Márquez, visited Venecia to give good news to the inhabitants of this municipality of the southwest Antioquia: they will be the pioneers of the pilot plan to strengthen tourism in this region of the department. During his visit, Márquez, meeting with local authorities, entrepreneurs,...

Where to go in Antioquia

There are trips in the region beyond the traditional ones to Guatapé, Jericó, Jardín or Santa Fe de Antioquia. Just look a little more. Without driving more than an hour, there are attractive destinations both for its architectures and geography, through gastronomy and extreme sports. Through all the terrestrial exits...