miércoles, agosto 3, 2022

Venecia, pilot municipality to boost Antioquia tourism

The first lady of Antioquia, Claudia Márquez, visited Venecia to give good news to the inhabitants of this municipality of the southwest Antioquia: they will be the pioneers of the pilot plan to strengthen tourism in this region of the department.

During his visit, Márquez, meeting with local authorities, entrepreneurs, artisans and representatives of the cultural sector, explained that the plan will include training rural entrepreneurs, characterizing gastronomy and promoting cultural traditions.

“Venecia has enormous tourist and cultural potential. The municipal administration is very committed to this program and those who live from tourism ask for this accompaniment, that’s why we decided to start our pilot here”.

“Our city brand will be: ‘Venecia enamora’ (Venecia falls in love) said Mayor Óscar Andrés Sánchez, who also indicated that a week ago, during the meeting of all the mayors with Governor Aníbal Gaviria, he heard the First Lady say that she was going to work for the development and for this reason he asked for support, since the cross-cutting axis of its Municipal Development Plan under construction will be nature, gastronomic and cultural tourism.

“With the support of the First Lady of the Antioquia, the Aurelio Llano and Pintuco Foundation we will create the street of murals, which will have 10 scenes representing the local idiosyncrasy,” he said.

The Municipal Government of Venecia will also found the lion of Greiif festival of short story and poetry, who lived in this territory for two years; and the Colombian music festival Lucho Bermúdez, composer of the Bolombolo porro.