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Reasons with common sense, by Luis Guillermo Echeverri Vélez

Madrid. Cundinamarca / August 12, 2021 By: Luis Guillermo Echeverri Vélez Just as the farmer needs fertile land to be able to plow, sow and harvest, the private initiative needs a country, institutions and an economic system where they can work. For me, the problem is not the ideas of...

Shortening Canadian travel quarantines should be just the first step

Alberta is set to launch a pilot COVID-19 testing procedure at two border points that could slash the quarantine time for returning Canadian travellers from 14 days to as little as 48 hours. That is welcome news indeed. The current quarantine period is unreasonably long. And there seems to be no end...

Opinion: The coronavirus is showing us which entrepreneurs matter

The owners of hair salons, bike shops and delis are stepping up to help their communities, all while wondering if they’ll make it. One sunny afternoon early in March, I hit the streets of my neighborhood, visiting local businesses. I was hustling up donations for the silent auction fund-raiser at...