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Reasons with common sense, by Luis Guillermo Echeverri Vélez

Madrid. Cundinamarca / August 12, 2021

By: Luis Guillermo Echeverri Vélez

Just as the farmer needs fertile land to be able to plow, sow and harvest, the private initiative needs a country, institutions and an economic system where they can work.

For me, the problem is not the ideas of the left-wing, which are not necessarily communism or socialism of the 21st century, the problem is that since 2010 we have allowed ILLEGALITY to rise to power and take over our institutionality.

This is why we must value the struggle of this Government, which, in addition to the pandemic, has had to face all that ILLEGALITY inserted in the constitution and institutionality.

It is society that has to understand the message of 2018: Colombia can NOT once again afford that criminals, or ex-criminals (if that really exists) aspire to the Presidency of the Republic.

Democracy without rules is transformed into anarchy, and warrantism requires limits so that freedom and the general interest cannot be violated by debauchery and individual interests.

LGEV. August 12, 2021