viernes, junio 7, 2024

Step by step how C.I J Gutierrez launders gold for the Maduro regime

  1. Tons of gold from the venezuelan goverment is  stolen and   smuggled into CUCUTA.
  2. Selected ilegal gold delaers that represent C.I J gutierrez pay this gold in pesos. (cash payments are very important in this process. The amount of cash bancolombia is delivering to cucuta is outstanding ,  in disregard of new bancarization laws (article 771-5 estatuto tributario)
  3. The corrupt venezuelan oficials changes the colombian currency he recives from his ilegal gold sale, and he recieves black market U.S dollars that are abundant in colombia from drugtrafic profits .
  4. U.S dollars are smuggled back to venezuela and sold at 500% their real value in the venezuelan black market .
  5. c.ij gutierrez uses shell companies and pays people to register as artisanal miners to use their registry (420 gr of gold per year per person)
  6. All of the documentation c.ij gutierrez presents to the goverment is false paperwork none of the economic transactions are real !!