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Minimalist and functional living rooms: ideas, designs and tips

Luxury house interior with living room and the kitchen with tables, chairs, sofas with the flashing lights at night

Sometimes it is thought that minimalist living rooms only refer to large blank spaces with few objects, small furniture and cold lighting. However, there are several options for that room to be transformed into an elegant, bright and warm place.

Minimalism is a movement that has its roots in America, and also in other cultures. His Japanese and Scandinavian heritage is already known, where he has a strong domain. The minimalist interior design is an infallible route to create a warm home, full of nuances and that will never go out of style.

Advantages of a minimalist room

Minimalist ideas are excellent for making small spaces appear larger.

Decoration and minimalist practices almost never go out of style.

Minimalist design pieces are easy to get and manage at ease, unlike other design styles that come with more puzzling variables to mix creatively.

Basic rules in minimalist rooms:

-Open and bright spaces

-Organization and functionality

-Folding with design pieces

-Election of smooth and clean surfaces

-Balance of colors and textures

-Employment of straight and pure lines


The architects who use the concept of minimalism in their design work intend to disassemble each element to achieve simplicity. However, that does not mean that the buildings have no ornamentation, living rooms but that the smallest details are reduced to their essence. Some examples are the use of basic geometric shapes and how natural light is used, especially to improve space.


Open space in minimalist rooms is one of the main keys. In larger rooms, you can use furniture to divide the areas, so as to avoid the appearance of open and cold space. Hard and bright flooring is generally the preferred option because it reflects light and has an easy to clean surface. If space allows, you can use an area mat to define specific points. Neutral colors work well or if you prefer a rug with a design, opt for geometric shapes that combine with the decoration or furniture


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