domingo, junio 9, 2024

Luxury at home with Eclipse Design: a growing market


Luxury at home with Eclipse Design: The high acceptance of wooden furniture is mainly due to its durability and modernity as well as old appearance, which makes them a good option for both homes and commercial use.

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Wooden furniture is the most demanded of the entire market due to the high a esthetic value associated with it. But the glass furniture segment is expected to record the fastest growth by 2020, due to growing demand in the business and hospitality sector.

Eclipse Design contributes significantly to the production of this type of unique furniture with a completely colombian sealand luxury.

For these reasons, Eclipse Design is tradition, quality, originality and luxury, three characteristics that distinguish it from other Colombian manufacturers.

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Quality woods are very characteristic in luxury  rooms when analyzing the luxury furniture that makes them up, but what gives the essential final detail is the care of accessories or finishes made by the best advisors.

Eclipse Design dining rooms reflect the importance they have one in your home, we invite you to meet them.

Get to know their factory point in Medellín, where in a single space with more than 2000 m2 you can live a multisensorial experience and know by first hand why they are the best.