martes, junio 25, 2024

Ground breaking spaces with Eclipse Design

To create ground breaking spaces it’s necessary to decorate with luxury furniture. Like any other decorative style, it’s necessary to take some tips to get a desired final result. Eclipse Design has a highly qualified team to advise you on your home makeover.

Think about the needs: Each project is a world. That’s why the first thing you have to do is think about how a space will be used and plan it. For example, if you want to use the dining with your family that always comes at home, you will need a large table. If it’s for a person who always comes outside, a simple bar will be enough.

A good distribution: it’s one of the basic keys to have a perfect result. To achieve a luxury Design, keep in mind to give way to natural light and create a fluid circulation, moving all the obstacles that get in the way.

Pros and cons: All spaces have something good and something bad. Try to highlight positive qualities (a glass, fireplace, wooden beams or beautiful floors) and hide the defects.

Materials: Once you’re clear about the use of a space, choose the materials which suit it the best. For example, in an entrance it is better to place an easy-to-maintain floor instead of a carpet, which may be more useful in a bedroom to give warmth to.

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Textures: Once we have a color palette at interior, we have a variety of textures to avoid falling into monotony and boredom. Select pieces of wood, natural fibers, stones, bright, rough, smooth, metallic, cozy textiles … plants can’t be missing.

Harmony: The line between a faceless interior and the “antique shop” style is too close. Find the balance between full and empty spaces. For example, if you want to place a sculptural lamp or an eccentric wallpaper, don’t place other pieces that fight in prominence and end up overwhelming.

Personal Touch: A home is more interesting when it shows itself lived and doesn’t look like a furniture catalog. Do not forget to place art pieces that you love, family memories, trips and photographs that make you happy and express who lives in that space.