viernes, marzo 31, 2023

Colombia’s President Asks Prosecutors to Investigate His Own Son

Colombian President Gustavo Petro asked prosecutors to investigate two members of his own family amid allegations that his son took money from an ex-drug trafficker, while his brother held inappropriate meetings with politicians in prison.

In a statement, Petro asked the Attorney General to probe his son Nicolas Petro and his brother Juan Fernando Petro to “determine possible responsibilities.” Petro added that he trusted the pair would be able to prove their innocence.

Both men have denied any wrongdoing.

The allegations add to the wave of troubles that have hit Petro in recent days after he faced a cabinet rebellion over his health care bill, a court blocked his bid to cut electricity tariffs, and a group of 80 police and oil workers were kidnapped by protesters in southern Colombia. A poll published Wednesday showed his approval rating has fallen to 40%, the lowest since he took office in August.