martes, diciembre 5, 2023

The best multifunctional furniture for small spaces

Do you have a house or apartment that is too small? Eclipse Design knows that designing and distributing few square-meter houses can be a challenge, but they also knows that there is no challenge that can’t be overcome at the end of useful and luxury furniture. With this in mind, today they bring several multifunctional furniture that could get you out of trouble and make your home a much more interesting, modern and aesthetic place.

A bed all in one: This bed, in addition to beautiful, is multifunctional. Here you can store shoes, clothes and accessories -as you wish-.

A multipurpose piece of furniture: No matter how small the house is, there will always be room for an open, modern, practical and functional kitchen; and, for the sample, a button.

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An ingenious idea: A round coffee table it’s modern, has a geometric design and full of contrasts of wood tones; It also has more than one function that goes from decorating to storing.

An home office like no other: This storage furniture is not only ideal when storing and exhibiting books and other utilitarian and decorative objects; In addition to everything, this furniture can be used as a home office.

A super table: In addition to being a nice coffee table for the living room, this furniture could serve as a table to eat and study where you can work or study. And as if all this were not enough, this design let you store different types of objects inside.

For creativity lovers: A multipurpose bed, with several compartments, this design captures for its originality and practicality. Who would say that a bed could serve as a beautiful library?