martes, abril 16, 2024

Trends 2020: Ideas for decorating living rooms

Eclipse Design brings next year’s trends to decorate living rooms. Each year by these dates, trends that will set the tone for the next twelve months begins to sound. Whether you are going to redecorate or move, it’s very interesting to know where the trend stories are oriented, since many times they can welcome the spaces a more current touch without spending fortunes.

In 2020, the rooms will show geometric patterns of different shapes, whether in textiles or in the case of the image, in upholstery, art or accessories and ornaments. More than vibrant colors, next year will be the neutral tones for floors, walls and ceilings. The idea is to use more than one to create different palettes, but always staying within neutral tones.

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A trend that will be seen in all parts is the incorporation of handmade objects, but made with untreated natural materials. In the image we can see the profusion of objects and ornaments that obey this slogan. Such pieces incorporate textures and a very attractive natural touch in the room.

Large carpets will be another trends in living rooms during the coming year. The idea is all furniture have at least some of its legs on them. An advantage of carpets of this size is what will make the living room look bigger, especially if they are light and cold colors.

The metals are last and when more mixed better. It’s a trend that seeks the brightness of these materials and does not discriminate when mixing different types and colors. In 2020 you will see how living rooms will become practically art galleries. Isn’t necessary to spend fortunes on paintings by established artists, however, we can buy colorful fabrics and mount them on frames for paintings or decants for the works of emerging artists.