The comfort of home theater with Eclipse Design

Comfort and luxury were never so close, thanks to furniture that Eclipse Design brings to you. Bring your ideas to life and become a film expert, from home. Read also: Luxury at home with Eclipse Design: a growing market Who said the home of your dreams is beyond your reach?...

With Eclipse Designs live the experience of being comfortable

With no doubt, comfort is part of the exclusive collection that Eclipse Designs bring you, this line offers this particular style of decoration accessories for your home. Read also: Eclipse Designs presents its new furniture collection exclusive This article present an inspiration with elegance, which pretends to give a very special...

A home full of luxury and comfort, with Eclipse Design

A home full of luxury and comfort, with Eclipse Design. Eclipse Designs is a furniture manufacturer, they have more than 15 years of experience. Passionate about excellent work, commitment and quality. It’s a groundbreaking brand, always leading trends in Colombia, both in furniture design and in space’s decoration. “I Loved...