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The comfort of home theater with Eclipse Design


Comfort and luxury were never so close, thanks to furniture that Eclipse Design brings to you. Bring your ideas to life and become a film expert, from home.

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Who said the home of your dreams is beyond your reach? The time has come to start making those dreams come true, with the home theater, Eclipse Designe turns your home into the theater of your dreams.

Eclipse Design puts at your disposal entertainment spaces like no other, the whole family loves it and the guests are impressed. You can watch movies, play video games or even watch the occasional football or boxing match. It is an investment that generates a close coexistence, which remains for many years.

Having an exclusive space at home, fulled with technologies that range from the best audio system, speakers, amplifiers, a projection screen, flat screen, or a projector, have already become a trend. But what do you need to have the cinema at your dream home?

Today it is possible to have seats for home theater, such as those of premium cinemas, which are spacious, with built-in coffee table and cup holders. There are reclining with manual or electric movement. A good armchair brings you very close to the feeling of a true cinema.

You can not let another tell you this wonderful experience of living technology and cinema in your own home, thanks to the work and creation of Eclipse Design, you will have the cinema at your fingertips.

Eclipse Design contributes significantly to the production of this type of unique furniture with a completely colombian seal.

For these reasons, Eclipse Design is tradition, quality and originality, three characteristics that distinguish it from other colombian manufacturers.

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Know their factory point in Medellín and Panama, where in a single space with more than 2000 m2 you can live a multisensorial experience and know by first hand why they are the best.