miércoles, febrero 14, 2024

Rustic ideas to indoor decoration

Rustic style will never go out of style, despite the time it represents a return to the roots and traditions of rural life, and brings a sense of warmth and authenticity to any home. Although it’s characterized by the use of natural colors and textures that refer to old country houses, it has now been mixed with other styles to give it greater versatility.

Thinking about a rustic decoration is no longer limited to the use of antique wooden furniture, fabrics and natural textures, but you can choose from a wide variety of decorative materials, techniques and visual influences.

Eclipse Design brings some ideas to decorate a house interior with a rustic style.

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Wood as raw material

When it comes to choosing organic materials for the construction or decoration of a house, wood is a favorite. Whether it is used for covering floors, walls or ceilings, for the manufacture of furniture or as a decorative object, this raw material has the quality of providing a homely, cozy and at the same time elegant feeling. Perfect to decorate your interiors and feel in complete tranquility, relaxation, and in balance with nature.

Vintage furniture

One of the most important aspects in the decoration of any home is furniture, and in the case of the rustic style, these take on special relevance, since through their textures and materials, they have the ability to position you at some past time or place, which lead you to an atmosphere of nostalgia and unparalleled warmth.

Wooden doors

Wood will always be the ideal option for frames of your doors and windows, since it provides great durability, support and view to these structures, regardless of whether they are interior or exterior.

In the rustic style, the wooden doors in their purest form are the most common alternative, and if they are combined with large black or gold hardware, the rustic style is the best.