miércoles, junio 12, 2024

Guide to choose a luxury dining room to your style!

In Eclipse Design they are recognized by offering ground breaking, for the dining room quality and functionality furniture and accessories to dress your home.

This is a company specialized in design and manufacture of luxury furniture. More than 15 years of experience, standing out for its excellence, commitment and quality. The decoration of luxury furniture, like any other decorative style, requires compliance with certain standards so that the final result is the desired one. Eclipse Design has a highly qualified team to advise you on the transformation of your home

This time they offers a small sample of the wide range of dining rooms they have in existence, with which you can dress your home according to the style you prefer.

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Perhaps the most used home space among family members and visitors is the dining room, even more than the living room! Therefore it is important to have a dining room in the middle of a cozy atmosphere, one that stands out among the spaces of the house, which goes with the style that you have chosen, that is comfortable, that has enough places for the visits that you get at home.

If it is a dining room that will be used only and exclusively for food, you can choose a piece of fine wood or stones and high chairs and velvet. But if you share it with your children or your nephews, you can decide on a more practical dining room, with a smooth and sealed surface, and with a bench for comfort and functionality for the little ones.

It also depends on the use that is given to the dining room, in addition to eating, but especially to the regularity with which it is used. A dining room of rarely use, only for elegant dinners or special meals can be velvet, silky prints and cut glass. If, on the other hand, the use is daily and for the whole family, choose resistant and easy-to-clean materials, such as leather or vinyl on the chairs, sealed or with special treatments, thick gauge tempered glass and marble, they are excellent.