martes, diciembre 5, 2023

Round tables by Eclipse Design

Like everything in life and especially in interior decoration and design, round tables have advantages and disadvantages and although they are ideal for certain spaces, they are totally inappropriate for others. The furniture and accessories of Eclipse Design, around the round table also have their importance and when choosing them we must first understand that the round table usually works as an axis, around which different pieces of furniture and ornaments converge.

The truth is that the round tables go beyond being just a piece of furniture, since the implications of stripping the table of their headers implies that everyone who sits around them is on equal terms. Perhaps the most famous example of this comes from the stories of King Arthur and famous round table. More recently, round tables have been called events in which academic or intellectual discussions are held and in which the participants all have the same importance and breathe an air of equality.

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Round dining tables: In medium or small dining rooms, a round table may be the best option, as long as its diameter is not too large or will get in the way. Round table meals have a much more casual and relaxed air, unlike rectangular tables. Round tables in integrated spaces: Round tables are our favorites in integrated spaces, since when they are enclosures released from walls, the round table can be located in different places and become the axis of that sector.

In independent dining rooms and rectangular in shape, the most advisable would be an equal table, but not in an integrated dining room. To emphasize its axis position, we can use a centerpiece that attracts attention and a single pendant lamp right in the middle of the round table.