martes, diciembre 5, 2023

Furniture that can not be missing at your first home

Furniture that can not be missing at your first home
Furniture that can not be missing at your first home

Furniture and accessories acquire a new dimension when we think of the first home and the best idea is to follow the advice of Eclipse Design experts.

On the other hand, who wants it first house to become a place with dark, heavy and old-fashioned furniture? First home, all new. Although it’s very true we usually moved for the first time equipped with a lot of furniture that somebody give us or let us taking from our parents’ house, there are also very economic and youthful options on the market, which do not will be discordant with the contemporary aesthetic that we want our first house to have.

Modular furniture: Modular furniture in response… to everything! Do we need additional storage space? Modular furniture! A place to put the TV? Modular furniture! Whether aerial or stackable, modular furniture is versatile and flexible, because they are assembled and disassembled, allowing us several combinations that we can try in the new house.

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A small refrigerator: The refrigerator is an appliance that occupies a lot of space in kitchens that will surely tend to be medium if not small. If we are going to live alone, we clearly will not need a two-door refrigerator with a giant freezer. There are also spectacular models on the market, such as the one in the image, of neverites that are more than enough for one or two people.

A round table Tulip: Round and oval Tulip tables besides being sensational have a clear advantage over the others: a single leg in the middle. This makes them very comfortable options for small or integrated spaces, since we can sit 2, 4 or 6 people depending on their size, without any of them being uncomfortable because it touched the side of the leg. The pure and elegant lines of this design are ideal for modern and minimalist spaces.