miércoles, febrero 1, 2023

Modern kitchen design Eclipse Design

Eclipse Design proposes ideas of modern kitchens with Erick Becerra’s luxury designs. The kitchen has always been an essentially active space and nowadays the design that entails much emphasis on functionality.

While passivity predominates in bedroom or living room, and most of the time we spend sitting or lying down, in a modern kitchen we need a distribution that allows us to move from here to there with comfort. It requires a well-thought-out storage space because we need to group certain items to keep them handy while we cook and the stove or oven is hot.

In a kitchen we have to house large and varied appliances and appliances that range from the fridge to the microwave, through the oven, the washing machine, the dishwasher and a range of the smaller such as blenders, toasters or coffee makers. It is also here that we store the food, perishable and the one that lasts the longest, but we also need space for crockery, cutlery, glassware and table linen.

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In a kitchen, because it is cooked, but in addition you have to wash and clean and everything we use here gets really dirty. And if that weren’t enough, we have to think about enough work space, a sink to wash the dishes and a dining room or an island, if we have the space.

We reiterate, the kitchen is a very complex environment. With all above in mind, join them to know those designs that will surely inspire many of our readers. As in all spaces, the design of modern kitchens will be adapted to the needs of the client and the space available to diagram the plan.

Today the most used are modular kitchens, which are assembled precisely in modules that are already pre-assembled, or parts that can be assembled right there. In the design of kitchens, distribution is very important and the architects think how to make life easier for those who will live in this space, taking into account the flow and movement, as well as the most suitable location of the appliances.