martes, junio 11, 2024

Custom furniture design in Eclipse Design

Eclipse Design brings a new facet, in this case it’s the design of custom and luxury furniture. It happens frequently in a house, which have corners and isn’t known what to do with them. Especially in houses or small apartments, any waste of space is a shame and it’s in this instance where a custom-made furniture can change the game’s rules.

A way to give functionality and another dimension to a given space, without breaking the balance between emptiness and matter, and without interrupting the flow from one enclosure to another.

The large panel unifies the furniture below, with the floating furniture, leaving a space for the TV. The furniture and shelves provide additional storage space, leaving space for objects that may be visible, while some compartments are closed. This piece of furniture of the light-colored panel, which functions as a base and alternates a similar design, in a different size of storage place closed in white and a darker wooden shelf that wraps the white compartments.

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To make the whole set more interesting, different textures and shades of wood were used, while providing a contemporary and warm look. In Eclipse Design they are characterized by offering ground breaking, quality and functionality, with a series of complete products including furniture and accessories to dress your home.

With the help of the ideal furniture and accessories that will allow us to inject some magic into a physical space, transferring our essence to the floors, ceilings and walls, as well as to the atmosphere that is breathed and the sensation that is transmitted within the bedroom .

Eclipse Design is located at Cra. 55B # 72A 74 in Medellín. “Get to know our factory point (…) where in a unique space with more than 2000 square meters you can live a multisensorial experience and learn by first hand why we are the best”.

In social networks, you can contact them through @eclipsedesignsas, Eclipse Design SAS and @saseclipse and by phone 312.886.4833.