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In Eclipse Desing we have your ideal living room

Eclipse Design

In eclipse design you will find specialists in the creation of unique environments. A common space within the home designed for multiple functions and needs from receiving guests, watching television, sharing with the family to resting from the daily routine.

The term “living room” was known since the mid19th century, this word was mainly coined to give a word to a space where the general social activities are performed.The living room is conceived to be the heart of a home, the space where we spend most of our time, it has truly become the most multifunctional room.

The living room triumphed in the 19th century thanks to the political and social democratization of contemporary society who introduced the “right to enjoy Beauty”, the notion of “good taste” and the “right to leisure and rest”.

That is why furnishing the room can be considered as one of the largest economic investments that reflects personality, lifestyle and taste of those who use them. But how to choose the right furniture? The most important thing is to identify your space’s focal point, recognize each part and the construction finishes, from simplicity, to the strength of furniture and decoration. Becomes essential to transmit pleasant sensations to its occupants. The style, lighting, colors and furniture are decisive for a comfortable stay through rustic, classic and romantic designs, until reaching the forefront with its distinctive features.

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Here are some tips, so that you achieve your ideal and exclusive space: The first step to invest is a living room, is answering questions such as: How many people and with what lifestyle will they use the space? Know your own taste and daily routine. Next to the main element; The armchairs, these, are the starting point of the decoration.

Remember that to achieve a cozy atmosphere and with essence, you must take into account the colors, shapes, materials, accessories and contrasts that generate emotion. Designing enclosures that respond to new ways of life is a challenge from an architectural perspective, so choose the concept that defines it the most: natural, cheerful, quiet or cultural diversity … Let’s do it!, in the best style of eclipse design. VISIT US!

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