martes, abril 9, 2024

Folding tables for your home


The tables is one of those furniture that cannot be missing in the home, however small or large, with many or few pieces of furniture. The tables is a very useful piece of furniture that not only serves to place food, but, from a notebook to write to clean clothes.

Since the small apartments are fashionable and the furniture is coupled to it, we will not talk about a table as it is, but about the folding tables. Yes, those tables that fold and if you occupy your table, you can fold it and place it in a small place.

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Due to their different designs, folding tables can be multifunctional. In addition, you can move them without problem, since they are not heavy and are not static. The folding tables can be from individual to meetings, in their different styles, materials and with different options.

This folding table has two different hidden mechanisms. The first is that it has a sliding piece that is hidden under the first table; like the desk where the computers are placed, it has a sliding table and the mouse and keyboard are placed. On the other hand, when sliding the second part of the table, there are folded tables to hide and fit perfectly under the table. An idea for a small table that is converted to receive more people.

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We can call it classic for its design. Rustic but with colonial details. An ideal folding table to use anywhere. This table, designed by Erika Winters Inc, can be used to place it in any space. As we see in the picture, the folding table can be used in two different ways. First, this table can be split in a third, so that you can put it on the wall so that it takes up less space. The round tables, occupy spaces that can be especially if it is only the table for one person. This folding table can be made round, for another guest to the feast.