martes, enero 31, 2023

Eclipse Design: Bathroom furniture designs

Bathroom furniture
Bathroom furniture

ECLIPSE DESIGN, is a manufacturer of luxury furniture with more than 15 years of experience (Bathroom furniture designs). They are passionate about work done with excellence, commitment and quality. They are an avant-garde brand, always leading the trends in Colombia, both in the design of furniture and in the decoration of spaces.

Eclipse Design brings several designs of bathroom vanities, which will inspire you to create your own:

A wooden dressing table, with some drawers and shelves at the bottom, with a double white ceramic washbasin on deck, with a black cover, create an attractive combination that can work in any bathroom style.

This chest of drawers in white, with a classic design with a special detail on its legs, is ideal for installing two independent washbasins on deck, making this furniture a very practical element inside the bathroom.

This black lacquer dressing table, with a design that evokes the Art Deco style, gives a classic touch to this modern bathroom.

This small dresser with traditional style, all in white, is accentuated with a basin in red polycarbonate.

The mix of the dressing table in a large piece of completely rustic wood with a square-shaped concrete sink creates a unique and very original piece of furniture.

An old rescued wooden furniture, with a stone cover, manages to create an excellent dressing table, in a simple way, but very elegant and beautiful.

This beautiful vanity design for double sinks on deck, is very wide, made of wood with a modern, simple and very attractive design.

The drawers and floating shelves, form this modern dressing table, which has a sink installed on deck, in a warm color that contrasts with the cold tones of the bathroom.

The separation between the deck and the floating drawers of this bathroom cabinet, with double sink, can be used to use it for storage space for the objects used inside the bathroom.