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Eclipse Design is Vanguard and Status, a lifestyle full of luxuries

Eclipse Design is Vanguard and Status, a lifestyle full of luxuries

Eclipse Design is Vanguard and Status, a lifestyle full of luxuries

Leadership in the design and manufacture of furniture not only depends on beautiful creations but also unique. A style that rather than following trends, imposes them.

That’s the secret which Eclipse Design works, a factory that dedicates part of its planning to the production of avant-garde ideas that keep it in the lead of fashion furniture.

We don’t follow fashions, we impose them. For more than fifteen years we have modified ourselves by the latest design trends worldwide. We don’t design in series, our work is exclusive, as your furniture should be ”.

That is part of the biography highlighted by the company on its website, which also highlights the main collections of the moment for any home or office environments, rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and other spaces.

Another priority in furniture manufacture in addition to imposing fashions is that the products have a high quality and set the most exclusive tastes in their products.

¿Is There Any Point to Protesting?

That’s why Eclipse Design cares about having in its stock, high-end materials, which not only add beauty to their creations but also the durability that customer expect.

We are passionate about excellent work done, commitment and quality. We are an groundbreaking brand, always leading trends in Colombia, both in the design of furniture and space’s decoration”.

Eclipse Design is a furniture manufacturer, they have more than 15 years of experience. Passionate about excellent work, commitment and quality.

The factory point is located in Carrera 55B # 72A 74 in Medellín, Colombia. A more than 2,000 m2 space offer to you a multi sensorial experience and the possibility to know by first hand why they are the best in design and furniture”.

Contact them in the following telephone number: 312.886.4833 to schedule an appointment with Eclipse Design consultants, learn about its facilities and start figuring out on the builld of the space you want.

You can follow them in social media at @eclipsedesignsas, Eclipse Design SAS and @saseclipse