miércoles, agosto 3, 2022

Dining room, bar and entertainment center for your home

Today we present a furniture series that make up the line called Spark, which consists of a dining room with a table and 4 chairs, a bar and an entertainment center. The furniture of this line is made of wood and its color is chocolate brown, but in some areas they also have some marble-like melamine coatings, giving the sensation of being the real stone for the quality and texture of the materials.

The Eclipse Design firm is known in the country. The manufacture of their furniture has been an example of ground breaking design in modern style for house furniture and their prices are really afordable, handling different ranges depending on the finishes and designs of each piece and furniture.

It’s a dining room for 4 people, with a table 80 centimeters high and 110 per side, plus 4 white textile chairs.

The top of the table, despite being wooden, the piece has a section of marble type melamine, giving the appearance of natural stone in both color and texture.

The chairs have a contemporary design, with flat backrests and a small accent in curves that give movement and dynamism to the design.

The table has a storage center at its base, since this is a large piece to balance the weight of the surface. This is used to include a door and use the inside of this base to store kitchen utensils.

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Nothing better to complement the social area of ​​the house than a two-piece bar that you can include next to the room, next to the kitchen, in the games room, under the stairs, in the living room … where you usually receive visitors to offer them a great new moment!

The two pieces have been made of wood and are presented in chocolate color, with a sober and formal design. The game consists of a bar and a stained glass window, both covered with textured marble melamine, giving it an elegant and sophisticated appearance.