lunes, febrero 12, 2024

Development Plan 2020-2023 begins in districts

Territorial workshops began this Sunday in San Sebastián de Palmitas and San Cristobal districts. There will be 21 meetings of citizen participation.

The Mayor of Medellin said that the purpose is to consolidate this Development Plan as”the most participatory in the history of the city”.

They will be held in the 16 districts and the five corregimientos for the inhabitants to give ideas to make Medellin a green city and a Valley of Software, in addition to generating an educational transformation and recovering social welfare.

In addition, the academic sector (University of Antioquia and the National University) will join this participation exercise that will define the course of the Antioquia capital in this term.

 “I am sure that many of the challenges of safety, environment and employment can be solved by connecting the university with government and the company. There’s a great opportunity there. This is getting my way back,” said Mayor Medellin, Daniel Quintero Calle.

In addition to these workshops, the city hall announced that the thematic forums will be held Valle del Software, Green city, Recover the Social and Education, eight socialization meetings and a city event.