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Eclipse Design: Design and decoration of modern bedrooms

Eclipse Design: Design and decoration of modern bedrooms
Eclipse Design: Design and decoration of modern bedrooms

The design of bedrooms is not as complex as kitchens or bathrooms, but it has its complications. You must take un mind the location of the main and largest luxury furniture, which is the bed, the storage space that is indispensable, the lighting, both natural and artificial and the coverings, among other things.

Modern bedrooms have a fairly wide range. This style can work both in youth bedrooms giving them a very ground

Interior design and decoration are disciplines that have a lot of art and even psychology and have the power to genuinely substantially improve our lives, although perhaps we have not yet been able to experience it in our own flesh. In this sense, any space is this as true as in the bedroom for the reasons mentioned above and for many more.

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Just as other places in our house have very specific functionalities and are also shared by other family members or visitors, the bedroom is only ours or shared at most with our partner. It reflects our tastes, personality, the colors we like most, the styles or ornaments that give us pleasure.

Design and decoration are those tools that allow us to make the bedroom in that place, in the shelter we dream of arriving every day and where we dream once we are lying in our beds.

With the help of the ideal furniture and accessories that will allow us to inject some magic into a physical space, transferring our essence to the floors, ceilings and walls, as well as to the atmosphere that is breathed and the sensation that is transmitted within the bedroom .

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