lunes, agosto 19, 2019

The ‘Royal Road’ to Guane, a beautiful trek with an insane history

The road between Barrichara and Guane in the Santande province may be a gorgeous trek, but has a controversial history of imperialism and exploitation. The Royal Road, or “Camino Real” has nothing to do with royalty; it was constructed almost 50 years after Colombia became a republic by Geo von Lengerke, a...

Medellín receives the Ministers of Justice of Latin America

Advances in legal cooperation, access to justice in the region, penitentiary systems, new technologies and gender issues, are the transversal axes that are being worked on at the XXI Conference of Ministers of Justice of the Ibero-American Countries (Comjib), which takes place For the first time in Medellín. Present in...

Medellín, first Colombian city to sign Pact for SDGs

In these times prior to the electoral day of October of this year, the Personería of Medellín led the initiative to call several entities from the public and private sectors to contribute their grain of sand in the framework of the Pact for Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) ), promoted by...

¿Will we have in Colombian a Disneyland?

In Cartagena there is a real estate fund searching for land in order to build in Colombia a Disneyland. One of the most optional lots is located at 17 minutes away from Cartagena, nearby Barranquilla. The 700-hectare property meets the requirements of easy access, proximity to an international airport, hotel...

In 5 seconds, 300 cameras detect vehicles used in crimes in Medellín

"The city is armored," said the mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, detailing that this capital city has 2 thousand 763 cameras of the latest technology for video surveillance. Of this number of cameras, there are currently 300 with the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, which allows to recognize the...

Medellin launches system that identifies vehicles involved in crimes

With the immobilization of a taxi involved in a robbery case, occurred at the time, the mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, presented on Wednesday morning the strategic system of recognition of plates, which allows the registration of vehicles that they have Reports for having participated in the commission of...

In schools they teach not to repeat the violent history of Medellín

In the educational institutions of Medellín, students can learn about the most violent history of the city, on behalf of drug trafficking, and also of the characters who fought for a better society and lost their lives amid the horror that lasted several years. But this learning has a deeper...

Más de 60.000 asistentes tuvo la F-Air de 2019

In the José María Córdova airport, in Rionegro, the air force Kfir aircraft, the Arpía helicopters and the B52 Stratofortress bomber in the United States deployed their entire repertoire this weekend at the aeronautical fair (F-Air 2019). It was also a special celebration: the centenary of the Colombian Air Force,...

Mayors of the world will tour Medellín

The discussion on how to have more sustainable cities began yesterday in Medellín. Five of the 77 mayors who will participate in the World Summit of Cities (WCS, for its acronym in English) came to the Plaza Mayor Convention Center to discuss their projects and what they hope to find....
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