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Who wins and loses in the coronavirus (COVID 19) battle plan?

Who benefits from ‘Flatten the Curve’ at any cost policies such as mass quarantines?

‘Flatten the Curve’ is taken to mean that by government invoking ‘Social Distancing’ emergency measures, the spike in number of coronavirus cases can be flattened out, thus reducing or at least slowing the number of new cases. I believe that Social Distancing and other precautions ‘can’ work well if we apply more advanced data science and economics in policy making, as part of a larger strategy.

Unfortunately, most of the ‘Flatten the Curve’ charts you see do not include a chart line for the societal costs of all these cumulative and lengthy ‘Social Distancing’ measures. It’s almost as though government invited ‘Big Pharma’ and the medical community to the table, but neglected to invite YOU (a representative for taxpayers, students, mothers, and the small business community).

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What is ‘Social Distancing’

Thus far these ‘Social Distancing’ measures include orders to stay at home (quarantines); closing schools, restaurants, bars, and many other businesses. Most of these businesses were only able to survive on narrow profit margins because of competition, laws requiring a living wage by politicians who never had to meet payroll, health insurance, disability, social security, city, state, and local taxes, etc., so ‘Social Distancing’ will bankrupt many companies and kill millions of jobs if it continues to both grow and lengthen in duration.

Even those restaurateurs who venture back into business will be harder pressed to get a business loan, as their friendly banker tells them:

Gee, Jose, restaurants were always a little risky, but with this coronavirus, it’s going to be almost impossible for us to lend you money for a new restaurant even though you had good credit. Who knows how long it will be before the next virus comes along and the mayor, governor, or president orders you closed again?

Let’s start with how these ‘Flatten the Curve’ at any cost are foisted upon you. Here’s a prime example of bad leadership at a high level of governance. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said:

If all these measures save just one life, they are all worth it.

This is perhaps the most stupid and dangerous statement ever made by any politician in human history.

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Life insurance actuaries put a price on my life and your life every day. Court room jurors award damages for loss of life or limb. Even drug lords put a price on the head of their enemies, as does the United States government in hunting terrorists. According to Governor Cuomo and others of his totalitarian mindset, the entire nation can go into civil unrest and economic collapse, but if we save the life of some lifelong smoker who has chronic lung disease and is 89 years old – “All these measures are worth it!” Then this buffoon went on to announce that 100% of non-essential work forces are now required to stay home.

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An often repeated claim is that 25% of Medicare’s annual spending is used by the 5% of patients during the last 12 months of their lives. Others claim it’s between 8-11%, but nobody argues that the last 12 months of your life confined to a hospital bed and connected to a rack of equipment to keep your kidneys, lungs, and heart working presents a desirable quality of life.

About 80% of those who contract coronavirus will recover without even seeking medical attention. Does the 2-3% mortality figure justify destroying our household finances, marriages, mental health, and economy? Some argue that the actual rate is perhaps 1% or less given that the only time people seek medical help is when they are suffering. This fact means that the denominator used is way too small causing media to report 2-3 mortality instead of perhaps 1%.

Who does not benefit from ‘Flatten the Curve’ at any cost – You! That’s who

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  • Anyone who was living payday-to-payday (78% of us)
  • Business owners
  • Young people in schools and colleges
  • Anyone needing to travel domestically or internationally
  • Future generations burdened with trillions in new government debt, inflation, and taxes – as well as colonoscopy levels of surveillance by government employees

Who benefits from this ‘Flatten the Curve’ at any cost mentality and policies?

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  • Globalist bankers who trade their digital Monopoly money, the electronic charges of 1’s and 0’s they create out of thin air, to acquire more government promises to pay with interest on future generations
  • Any country, political party, or anarchist movement that wants to crush the USA
  • Those shorting or playing global currencies against each other – a massive back alley game of 3 card monte, and if you don’t know who the sucker is at the table, it’s you
  • Possibly big chain restaurants because government is destroying their smaller family-owned competitors. Much the same way government destroyed family farms through debt and regulations to the advantage of Big Agri
  • Big Pharma – especially the company that has the first coronavirus approved
  • Power obsessed politicians and dictators who have a new excuse to monitor your every move by using the coronavirus to obtain your GPS data from your telecom company (as though AT&T wasn’t already doing this for the NSA; and to increasingly restrict firearms, freedom of association, and even speech

What do Marxist-Communists, Fascists, Socialists, Progressives, Democrats, Republicans, and Capitalists all enthusiastically agree on?

What strikes me as very odd is that for once, France, Germany, and the United States governments are all auto-magically singing the same song in perfect harmony – ‘Flatten the Curve’ at any cost. We should instead ‘Optimize the Curve’ by using data science to predict who, where, when, and how severely the virus will impact us so that we can avoid state-wide quarantines or 100% non-essential business shut downs. I am certain that the overall calculus for ‘Optimize the Curve’ will perform better for you, your family, your employer, and our nation, as well as your grandparents in a nursing home.

The ONLY ideas that all these disparate political models agree on enthusiastically are these:

  1. The more money or labor we can squeeze out of our citizens – the BETTER
  2. The More control we can exert over our citizens – the MUCH BETTER

Now President Trump wants to send every adult $1,000 regardless of whether they are on welfare already, a billionaire like himself, or simply don’t want the $1,000 in order to reduce the national debt and lessen the odds of economic collapse. Where are these new trillions coming from? More DEBT for you and future generations to pay.

It’s almost as if these governments are playing by the old Marxist playbook:

  1. Create or take advantage of some new perceived emergency
  2. Demand greater control and taxes or debt to ‘Flatten the Curve’ and fix the problem
  3. Once the contrived emergency is over, retain the control and the new taxes

I am pro-smart government at all levels – worldwide

I am working on various coronavirus models to predict who, where, when, and how severely the virus will impact communities in Latin America by leveraging data from the World Health Organization (WHO), National Institutes of Health, Census, traffic patterns, Dun & Bradstreet for supermarket and food distribution risks, and records related to prior influenza cases by neighborhood. I am collaborating with agency heads to develop and share easy-to-use geo-spatial intelligence with decision makers.

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Our expectation is that such models (by me or others more talented) can help governments avoid a humanitarian and economic crisis that could result from their own fear and lack of the right tools to mitigate societal costs and the virus concurrently and to elevate their thinking and actions from ‘Flatten the Curve’ to ‘Optimize the Curve’ with data science and economic modelling, and by giving you and your family a seat at the table when it comes to ‘Social Distancing’ policies that will impact your health and prosperity.

Here’s my fear: This ‘Flatten the Curve’ at any cost mentality, and the draconian widespread and indefinite length ‘Social Distancing’ misuse of emergency power may well result in mass civil disobedience and crime waves in the weeks or months ahead by:

  1. Members of society who detest law and order, seeking opportunities to loot
  2. Youth who do respect society but are desperately needing cash
  3. Those who have lost their jobs and can’t pay the rent or car payment
  4. Moms or Dads who are the primary care provider for their kids

Let’s put the ‘Boogie Monster’ coronavirus in perspective, by comparing it to prior infectious diseases. In addition to the rate of spread, we MUST PUT MORE WEIGHT on the mortality rate. That’s because if the mortality rate is lower than expected, then the rate of spread may not have as strong a consequence nor require some of the more extreme Social Distancing edicts.

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We are demanding that our elected representatives ask if the juice is worth the squeeze when it comes to these ‘Social Distancing’ measures by including costs to society for each layer of added protection.

Why I question authority when it comes to Big Pharma or Big Government

With regard to the wisdom of either big pharma or our government, let me share with you my experience leading marketing data science and sales operations for Big Pharma – and then my work as a Spanish and Russian linguist and cryptologic intelligence analyst for the U.S. government.

I preface the following critique by stating here that I admire and respect our medical practitioners as well as government emergency responders and level headed leaders like Senator Rand Paul and others in both parties. My contention is with those at the top of the pyramid who have put power and profit ahead of the public’s interest.

The big secret Big Pharma would rather that you not know

Big pharma employs an ARMY of specialists to win government approvals, favorable insurance coverage decisions for their diagnostics/tests and vaccines, and adoption by your physicians. Big Pharma would prefer that you not know how devious, calculating, and driven by greed they truly are. Let me expose to you a simplified explanation of their Order of Battle.

Big Pharma’s Generals

We hire Medical Science Liaison (MSL) professionals, these are top doctors in the specialty. Their job is to cultivate Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) outside the company. KOLs are considered by their peers the top subject matter experts in their field. Very often, they already have a professional relationship going back to medical school with the MSLs so it’s very incestuous to begin with.

KOLs are supposed to be neutral and put the medical science first. My experience is that the company’s MSLs and the KOLs from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale are all pedigreed pimps for the company that employs them or benefits them most. In most cases, they do have some faith in their products, but at lunch, and especially events with open bars you can sometimes hear them expressing their frustrations and doubts about a given product, lacking convincing outcome studies and peer reviews – even though they work tirelessly to get their products approved by government and accepted by laboratories and doctors.

MSLs are not supposed to bribe KOLs, but there is a large budget for Grant Requests, and we can have them speak at top cardiology, oncology, epidemiology, or whatever conference represents the best forum to push our products. At one company I worked for, the MSL and KOL got married, and I don’t recall the KOL ever informing his audience of professional peers that his wife, sitting in the front row, also happens to be the salaried MSL for the company producing the drug or test he is framing in positive terms within his PowerPoint deck.

Big Pharma’s Commanders

Next in the Big Pharma ARMY hierarchy are the Managed Care executives. Their job is to get the Big Blues, Cigna, and Kaiser to cover their miracle new product. Afterall, some tests or drugs and vaccines can cost many hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a monthly supply for some hapless patient. Most people would simply say no, unless their insurance company or HMO covers the cost.

Big Pharma’s Sergeants

At the bottom of the chain of command are the sexually attractive, smart, assertive, and persuasive Field Sales Representatives (FSRs). She was a sorority sister and he was a frat brother at a good university, both had a high GPA, and were very popular in sports and extracurricular activities in college. She could easily be a model for Macy’s but instead will earn more money in sales commissions. Let’s call her Alegra. Her job is to introduce the company or new product to doctors in her territory. The geeky doctors somehow manage to find time to accept her offer of a catered lunch for his office so that she can give a ‘Field Sales Presentation’. You might think that Big Pharma cannot bribe doctors, but you would be wrong. Alegra has a legally approved budget for sporting events, catered lunches at the doctors’ offices, and able to invite them to all manner of symposiums.

Alegra is very knowledgeable about all the positive propaganda her marketing department creates, in the way of studies and free samples. She will be considered a Subject Matter Expert (SME) by these doctors because most of the doctors are too busy to keep on on all the new products or procedures. There are stories about FSRs even being present in the glass observation deck as a doctor performs an operation because of the level of trust they develop.

There are male FSRs as well and they share the same traits, specialized technical and sales skills, and alpha personality as the female FSRs. As far as sales performance goes, it really depends most on the perceived value of their products and their sales territories. Most Big Pharma companies are not very good at territory optimization, so sometimes it’s luck of the draw. Luck favors the prepared mind, so it comes down to the individual more than gender.

Big Pharma’s Special Forces

There are of course Sales Operations (SOPS), Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), and data scientists who do everything from create social networks of the employees and executives at hospitals, insurance companies, and government agencies, so that their teams can best gain approvals, insurance coverage, and get politicians like the former Governor of Texas Rick Perry to mandate the HPV vaccine Gardasil for boys. He later reversed his opinion.

Gardasil – ‘The Anticancer Vaccination’ (Sure it is…)

I studied this HPV vaccine based on the materials provided by the manufacturers because I have a daughter who was in the target age group, and at the time GlaxoSmithKline was advocating a three shot series for girls. I analyzed their marketing materials and it appeared to me from their own small print and deeper analysis that girls could achieve comparable protection with none of the potential side effects by practicing good sex hygiene. If there’s a medical professional reading this, feel free to correct that assessment.

Further, the group that would benefit most from Gardasil didn’t seem to be young females from middle class families who practice safe sex and squeaky clean hygiene, but instead drug-addicted sex workers who practice unsafe sex with their clients. However, sex workers with drug dependencies do not represent as large, easily persuaded, and profitable a segment, nor are they likely to complete the entire three shot regimen, so I understand why Glaxo would push their vaccine on girls. I gave them the benefit of a doubt until I learned that their ARMY launched a campaign to persuade politicians to mandate their HPV vaccine for boys.

Double the Market – Double the fun!

The only thing MORE profitable than obtaining government approvals and insurance coverage for Big Pharma, is to make your vaccine MANDATORY.

I can only imagine the strategy meeting with the CEO, MSLs, CMO and VP of Sales, Jerry. Jerry is presenting their sales and says, “Hey, we’re making a freakin’ fortune off of Gardasil, but we’ve hit a plateau. Waddaya think about perhaps targeting the boys market?” The CEO then exclaims, “That’s GOLD Jerry! GOLD! We can even blame the HPV crisis on the boys for not being responsible with condoms. In other words, we can pin the girls’ cervical cancer risk on the boys! Maybe we can get the vaccine mandated for those horndogs.”

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Now, let me share my experience in Government. I was trained in both Spanish and Russian at the Department of Defense Language Institute for three years, as well as cryptologic science and analytics by the National Security Agency. I also served as a Nuclear, Biologic, and Chemical warfare officer for the National Guard.

I can say, “Don’t shoot me! I know secrets! in 36 languages.

(Ok, just 4 languages – I was kidding) I lived through the horrendous fiasco known as the Vietnam War, which was a complete boondoggle for the military industrial complex. My responsibility was to supervise a team that intercepted all manner of communications, to decrypt them when required, and then translate the Spanish or Russian into English (pre Google Translate). One problem with Naval Intelligence in those days was that too often the reason an officer was assigned to that function was not because they had a love of languages, or other cultures, or even interest in watching the evening news.  It was because they flunked out of flight school, nuclear power school, or submarine school which was their dream.

Consequently, the younger better educated linguists, cryptologists, and subject matter experts were more passionate about their work, insights, the accuracy and timeliness than their leadership. There were times when we would uncover something of great interest, and the leader would say, “Just ignore it and intercept what you were assigned.” We worked at electronic consoles we called ‘positions’. During midnight to morning schedules our leader would ask us to shut down our positions and wax the floors. This is because the facility required a Top Secret SCI clearance and it cost the government too much to hire janitors with Top Secret SCI clearances. We even came up with a slogan for this distraction from monitoring communications:

Screw the mission! Clean the position!

This is the same government mindset that enabled the CIA, NSA, FBI, and DIA to completely miss the Berlin Wall coming down, and the warnings from the Florida flight school about the oddball students from Saudi Arabia leading to 9/11.

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How many outright lies, bad decisions, and colossal failures costing trillions of dollars and millions of innocent lives does it take such as the Gulf of Tonkin false flag as a pretext for the Vietnam War, blaming 9/11 on Saddam Hussein and destroying Iraq; taking out Muammar Gaddafi after he agreed to fully cooperate with us, thus demonstrating to North Korea, Russia, and China that the USA can only be trusted until the next administration; Afghanistan, the insane War on Drugs and other brain flatuence and lies before you begin to question the wisdom or benevolence of our either Big Government or Big Pharma?

It’s time to ‘Flatten Stupidity’ and to instead ‘Optimize the Curve”

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