sábado, noviembre 27, 2021

Weird yellow shade colored Medellin River

The water of the Medellín River showed a yellowish color yesterday in morning hours, towards the south of the Aburrá Valley.

This was pointed out by some citizens who captured the odd coloration with images and denounced the fact on social networks.

Before the call brought in social networks, the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley made a presence in the area. In a statement, the entity said that “technical personnel of the Environmental Emergency Unit (UEA) reached the pedestrian bridge of the Envigado station and made a visual inspection of the organoleptic conditions of the Medellin River, evidencing the body of water in normal conditions , no color and no traces on the margins. ” Therefore, he added, the source of the event is unknown.

The entity added that UEA staff inquired with Metro officials regarding the situation reported, but found no additional testimonies.

“Mr. Faber Moncada, as the operator of the Envigado del Metro station, reported that he did not show today color in the body of water at that height, information that was validated with surveillance personnel and police station”, The entity concluded.