viernes, febrero 9, 2024

Risk of new world war is real, head of UK armed forces warns

There is a risk of a new world war if current, smaller conflicts escalate out of control, drawing in more countries and weapons, the head of the UK armed forces has warned.

General Sir Nick Carter said the global economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic could also trigger new security threats, even war.

In an interview with Sky News for Remembrance Sunday, the chief of the defence staff offered a vision of Britain’s army of the 2030s, saying it could comprise 90,000 human soldiers and 30,000 robots.
General Sir Nick Carter and Deborah Hayes
Image:General Sir Nick Carter said the world is currently ” a very uncertain and anxious place”

He also revealed a desire for a multi-year budget settlement from the Treasury this month to enable the military to make the long-term investments needed to modernise.

The chancellor scrapped plans for a multi-year spending review for government departments in November because of uncertainty related to COVID-19.

It is unusual for a senior military officer to comment on an impending political decision.