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Modern wooden furniture: ideas for all rooms

modern wooden
modern wooden

Eclipse Design luxury furniture is mostly made in wood, one of the most versatile and flexible materials without doubt.

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Why is wood the preferred material for furniture design?

The wood is warm, cozy, elegant and is perfect for all decorative styles, so it is no coincidence that most of the furniture in their house is made of this material.

The furniture of the house besides fulfilling a practical function, are extremely decorative, so much so that a piece of furniture can be the focal point of a room.


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Modern furniture design in Eclipse Design:

Contemporary wooden furniture designs offer innovative options that reinforce the trend that predominates in our decoration.

Wooden furniture is perfect to combine with an extensive range of colors, upholstery and textures, so in today’s article, we’ll see wooden furniture made in Mexico and how to decorate with them the different rooms of the home, thanks to the designs and projects of Eclipse Design professionals.

There are different types of wood that offer different shades, finishes and resistance for the manufacture of house furniture. Depending on the needs, the decorative style and the place where they will be placed, we must choose the most suitable wood so that it always looks beautiful and harmony in the design and decoration of the home is achieved.

Pine wood for modern furniture
Oak wood for modern furniture
Walnut wood for modern furniture
Mahogany wood
Cherry wood
Oak wood for the design of modern furniture

One of the most popular woods is pine. Its main features are:

Pine is an economical wood compared to other precious ones and has a light weight. Pine wood has a light hue that ranges from yellow to almost whitish.
Pine wood is easy to decorate, because it has a good ability to absorb water.
With pine wood, all kinds of furniture can be manufactured, in addition to the plywood for bathroom or kitchen furniture, spaces in which a solid wooden furniture could decompose due to moisture or heat.
Despite its excellent price and quality ratio, pine is a wood prone to dents and scratches.
Pinewood looks equally good for rustic furniture with modern and minimalist designs.