lunes, noviembre 29, 2021

Medellin is more than drug trafficking

In the 80s and 90s, Medellin experienced the worst years of violence resulting from the war between drug trafficker Pablo Escobar and the institutional system, which left dozens of victims as a result of sicarial attacks, car bombings and mass killings. Magistrates, judges, journalists, public officials, military and police confronted crime and put their lives before it to fight it and submit it to justice. In this context, the journalistic project # MedellínEsMás was born, which seeks to tell the story from the perspective of those who fought against drug trafficking.

Reflection of city EL COLOMBIANO will hold the forum # MedellínEsMás que Narcotráfico on June 10, in the auditorium of the General Hospital of Medellín, to reflect on the aftermath of drug trafficking and how we have faced it in society. Jorge Orlando Melo and Gilmer Mesa will participate in the conversation “The power of the Mafia in the 80s and 90s”; followed by the story of the collective La Esquina del Movimiento, which was born as a resistance to violence. A second discussion will ask the question: How are you a partner of the Mafia? The psychiatrist Jorge Ospina Duque and the columnist Anacristina Aristizábal, together with the Parcero of the commune 8, will reflect on values ​​and antivalores that we have as a society.

The third moment of the forum will be “Echados pa’lante”, a dialogue with Mayor Federico Gutiérrez about the project Medellín embraces its history. Finally, attendees will hear testimonies of heroes in the fight against drug trafficking: the writer Azucena Liévano, the journalist Carlos Mario Correa and the businessman Carlos Zuluaga, son of magistrate Gustavo Zuluaga, murdered by Escobar. The forum, which will be broadcast live by, will be presented by journalist Marcela Baena and moderated by the editor of this newspaper, Martha Ortiz Gómez.