martes, noviembre 28, 2023

Luxury furniture for Christmas present with Eclipse Design

In Eclipse Design we present 3 ideal products for this Christmas gifts. They are details out of series, high quality, original and that will last many years. The creators of these pieces are Eclipse Design professionals, they bring furniture and accessories that integrate natural materials with composite materials in unique and impressive designs.

Eclipse Design leaves us some ideas to give this Christmas, tasteful furniture, fine and elegant, harmonious design and with which you will look great.

Don’t doubt that the Eclipse Design products are of the highest quality, mixing natural materials with composite and industrial materials to offer a series of elegant, charming, durable and unforgettable pieces.

The furniture can be presented in two colors of wood, or in one of the two colors in solid tone. It is a good piece to place in the hall and leave the keys when entering or leaving the house, to place coins, for jewelry in the dressing table or even to put snacks in a meeting of friends.

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On the other hand they present a base for the central table of the room. This vessel has a concrete base and tank, with 17.5 centimeters in diameter, 4.5 in thickness and 10 centimeters per face. In addition to a solid wood top with 2.4 centimeters thick.

Another option is a coat rack that has hooks to receive coats, scarves and bags when you arrive home, but also has a shoulder-shaped hanger to hang the coat without wrinkling or place folded scarves to avoid they tear.

How to get to their gallery?

Eclipse Design is located at Cra. 55B # 72A 74 in Medellín, Colombia. “Know our factory point…an unique space with more than 2000 square meters where you can live a multi sensorial experience and get to know by first hand why we are the best.”

In social networks, you can contact then through @eclipsedesignsas, Eclipse Design SAS and @saseclipse and by telephone 312.886.4833.